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news of surgmate


Sep 2023

Upcoming Event: SurgMate at ESIR 2023 Thyroid Thermal Ablation

Introducing Surgemate's Thyroid Nodules Thermal Ablation and Biopsy Skills Training Platform 

It's one of a kind in the world, and we're proud to present the first medical simulator capable of performing ablation surgery! 

Key Features:

Ultrasound-guidedable, nodules embedded, temperature monitored, durable muscle pad, series products for breast, uterus & liver tumors.

Global Reach:

It has gained more attention and users worldwide. We offer direct sales and collaborate with distributors. If you're interested, feel free to reach out!

Find out more product details

* Upcoming Event:

It will be featured at the upcoming CIRSE's onsite event - ESIR 2023 Thyroid Thermal Ablation in Milan next week. In collaboration with CIRSE, workshop attendees will get hands-on experience with various thermal ablation equipments using our training platform. We hope the event succeeds and every participant enjoys the valuable training experience! 

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ESIR-Thermal Ablation Workshop

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